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Paranormal Romanc Series by Author Stephanie Laws

Free Excerpt of Knightingale

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Gale Swept

Now Available on Kindle and Paperback

I just finished Gale Swept and my heart is still pounding! I have a smile that won’t stop and I almost feel giddy – is that weird? I’m not much of a reader, but when I started reading the Knightingale Series, I seriously entered a new and magnificent world that I never dreamed possible through books. Oh, I have heard MANY people say they can get lost in a book. Never in my life had I had that experience – I was jealous and starting to lose hope…until now! Reading Knightingale and Gale Swept, I instantly became Sam and my husband (totally un-beknownst to him, by the way) became David. I’m almost sad that we don’t have the “mind connection” or “transfer ability” that Sam and David have. Oh, how fun that would be! Mrs. Laws, I’m oh-so-not-patiently awaiting the next adventure! – Amazon Review

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Knightingale Can Now Be Purchased!

Available in Kindle and Paperback

Very well written! I loved the story line, the thought-provoking situations, the humor (yeah, almost woke my husband up because I was laughing so hard the bed was shaking!), the true-to-life romance…I seriously could go on and on. I’m not an avid reader…never have been. I’m trying to read more, and this author makes it easy! Can’t wait for more!! – Amazon Review

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Once in a Blue Moon

Knightingale Proofs

Like any author, I agonized over what the cover would be for Knightingale.  I didn’t want it to be the, oh so common, picture of two people embracing in a lustful scene that most romance books use.  I wanted it to ooze the essence of my story in a thought provoking way that draws people in.  I never dreamed that the pictures I chose for the covers of the Knightingale Series would evolve into a story all of their own.

The night I took the pictures, was a magical night itself.  My husband and I were sitting outside, watering the garden, trying to save it from the horrible drought we experienced earlier this year.  We were watching the clouds moving in, hoping and praying they would relinquish the rain that they had dropped in the counties all around us.  Instead they brought forth another blessing.

The moon was full, glowing in all of its majesty, and as the clouds began to move in it looked quite literally as if someone was blowing hundreds of little puffs of clouds until there was a layer of cotton balls covering the sky.  As the clouds slowly meandered across the moon they put on a show that took my breath away.  I ran into the house to grab my camera and spent the next several hours taking pictures of the various scenes that played out before us.  I never dreamed they would turn out so beautiful, let alone think that they would serve as the cover of my books.

But it seems that God held many blessings for that wondrous scene and made even more evident by the arrival of my proofs on the very day of the rare Blue Moon.  When the order for the proofs was placed, the books weren’t scheduled to arrive for another week, I never dreamed they would arrive three days later.

There are many things that we say throughout our life that are so rare we often refer to them happening “once in a blue moon.”  Writing a book and actually publishing it is most definitely one of those things I used to think was near impossible for me.  But as I hold my very first book in my hand, I can look at the cover and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this book was meant to be and God is pouring his blessings down on me.


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One More Step Forward For Knightingale

I am so excited!  I just submitted my manuscript to Create-A-Space for Knightingale.  I can’t believe it’s finally in the works to getting published.  As soon as it is approved I will also be submitting it for the Kindle.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a learning experience this has been and oh, the journey just to get to this point.  So much research and agony over trying to decide what is the best option out there.  I didn’t even want to consider self-publishing before but after all the nightmares I have heard of how difficult or nearly impossible it is to get a publisher to even consider your book,  I almost gave up.   When I forced myself to start researching other routes I had to admit that self-publishing involves a lot of work but it’s not a whole lot different than what you have to put yourself through going the traditional route.  The only difference really is the advance you receive from a publisher.  But even then you’re lucky to get an advance large enough to cover your expenses and then you are stuck with a limited about of books to work with.

Writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I came into this knowing that from the beginning.  All I want to do is make my stories available for others to read and if I make enough money to help pay the bills along the way then my husband will be extremely happy.  But writing is only one step of the overall journey and I’ve learned that you have to put just as much effort into the distribution and marketing part as you do the writing part.  But it’s a dream and every dream is worth the work because at the end of the day you can always say that you have followed your dreams and very few people in this world can say that.


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Click to read a free excerpt.   

 “Knightingale” is the first installment of the Paranormal Fiction  “Knightingale Series”

Evil has plagued this world since the dawn of creation seeking to gain control. One family was given supernatural abilities with the sole purpose of protecting the things in this world that evil must never take possession of.

Samantha Nelson knew she was cursed. She didn’t know that her unnatural ability of forcing the truth out of people was just the beginning of her curse until her family is murdered in a horrific home explosion. Six months later she finds herself face to face with a Knight Protector and her life is turned into utter chaos.

When David received his assignment on his twentieth birthday he was told that his destiny would be entwined with a woman soon to be born and that his aging would be halted. Since the moment Samantha was born, David protected her from her enemies. As every Knight before him, he does so in the shadows. But David must face the facts that something even deadlier than her enemies is occurring. No matter how much he denies it, he is falling in love with her. When her enemies begin to discover ways around his protection and murder her family he is forced to make a decision of what is more important to him; his family or his assignment. All it takes is one warning sign of danger to convince him that he simply cannot live without Samantha and he takes a leap that will change their lives forever. Their only chance of survival is to discover what Samantha’s destiny is and the journey leads them straight to the heart of the Knight family where they discover evil has infiltrated and it is up to them to stop the evil before it destroys the family and gains control of the very thing that God created the family to protect.

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