“I Want To Be A Writer”

Great!  You get to join my ever growing club.  I’m a “wanna be writer too”  I want to write today, tomorrow, the next day, next month, next year, I don’t want to stop.

Ok, enough fooling around. If you’re like me, you’re ready to get down to the nit and gritty details that will help you realize the dream and overwhelming desire to write your first book.  In this series of posts I am going to introduce you to a group of amazing writers that are all on various steps in their writing careers that have a wealth of information to share about their experiences as well as sharing my own.  As you read through the series, please be sure to comment and give some love to these authors.  They work hard to give you an incredible opportunity to make your dream come true.  Don’t forget to follow my blog because this will be an ongoing series and you can never know enough about the consistently evolving field of writing, publishing, and marketing, all of which is necessary to be a successful writer.

To begin the series, simply click here!

Individual Posts:

  1. I Have An Idea
  2. Breathing Life Into your Idea
  3. It’s Elemental, And You Need Them All
  4. Narrative Takes Control
  5. Organizing Your Story Components
  6. Writing Environment
  7. Write What You Know
  8. Allow The Characters To Speak
  9. Slopping Through the Writing Slump
  10. Avoiding The Writing Crash and Burn
  11. Beta Readers
  12. Time for Closure
  13. Time for Contemplation

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