Here’s a few facts about me:

Background  – I was born, raised, and currently live in Indiana.  Graduated from Marion High School in 1994.  I have always loved writing and crafting stories in my head.  It was nothing for me as a child to spend hours playing alone, living in my own imaginary world and it hasn’t changed since.  Those same voices that carried me away to other lands through wondrous journeys are still there, only a little older and more complex, but now I get to share them instead of being stingy and keep them all to myself.

Family –  My husband and I were married in 1999 and we have a son in high school (gasp!)  and a daughter nearing middle school (my baby’s not a baby anymore!).

Pets – We have 2 dogs, too many cats, a bunch of poultry that my husband raises.



Bugsy (The one that normally tries to sleep on my shoulder)

Love, Like, Adore – I live in the night, seriously, that’s when my body really wakes up and my brain kicks into full gear.  The moon and I have a special thing going on, don’t ask, I can’t really tell you why.  I love reading about characters that step out of the box of normal society.  I love to contemplate and dissect beliefs that are often simply accepted by people rather than taking the time to understand why they believe them.  I’m a firm believer in talking to God and questioning Him in everything I have the slightest doubt of.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know and I choose to know, not just accept blindly.  I listen to just about any kind of music, but my favorite is hard rock.  My favorite colors are Black and Blue, yes it sounds like a bruise but my dream car is a brand new Camaro, black with an ice blue stripe on the hood.

(She’s sexy but she still needs the blue to really make her shine)

(But then again, I think this would look awesome with me in it, of course she needs to be black.

Now wouldn’t they look beautiful parked next to this house?

You can’t hear me, but I’m sighing heavily right now.  We all have our dreams.

Phobias and Pet Peeves – I hate, hate, hate, hate spiders.  I don’t like to be left alone with strangers staring at me waiting for me to start a conversation because my mind goes blank and then starts looking for the quickest exit.  Then it seems to always find that exist leaving me sitting there even worse off than I began. I don’t like shopping at Wal-Mart during the day. If you stand in the middle of an aisle talking and blocking the way, you’re likely to feel the wrath of my cart (go outside to talk, people are shopping.  It’s a store, not a community center).  If you really want to annoy me, then like start every sentence with like the word “like” or start or end every sentence with the phrase “You know” or “I mean”, you know.  For God sakes, don’t give me a dirty look unless I do something to warrant it.  If you’re that miserable that you feel you have to share your misery or feel that you can judge me according to your own self proclaimed glory then I cannot promise that I will behave myself.  If you see me smiling but my face is turning red, run, run fast.  If you see me with a fly swatter in my hand, run faster.  If you walk by me and your pants are hanging down to your knees, I won’t promise to keep my hands to myself.  I will do everything I can to control myself, but let’s just save the embarrassment and pull your pants up!  For God sakes, that was a style that started when I was in high school.  Let it die!  If you have a comb over, you’re too old to be wearing your pants like that in the first place!  Why can’t the rainbow colored suspenders come back in fashion?  Woo, now I feel better.  Don’t you?  Did I mention I hate spiders?

Books That Inspired Me – The very first book I fell in love with was the first book I ever read on my own, “Green Eggs and Ham”  I can still remember the excitement of reading it to my parents.  Throughout my childhood, the books that really stand out in my memory as my favorites were the “Baby-Sitter’s Club Series”, “The Girl With The Silver Eyes”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, and “The Secret Garden”.  Through High School I was absolutely in love with Anne Rice’s books and “The Earth Children Series” by Jean M. Auel.  Now I read just about anything that holds a story that pulls you into the character’s life and allows you live vicariously through them for a little while.  Reading has always been an escape for me and though I don’t get to travel as often as I like, books give me that alternative opportunity.

Why Do I Like to Write – While reading is an escape for me, writing is my release.  I have never been a particularly verbose person.  While I can’t carry on a normal conversation to save my life, I can put myself into the head of an imaginary character and be anything I choose to be regardless if it is a character with an endearing nature or a downright villain from the very depths of hell.  I get to dig into a mind that is so unlike my own it is like discovering a new friend or enemy.  Better yet, I get to dig into the depths of my own mind and discover things about myself that I never knew existed and would have otherwise been too frightened to discover or confess to.  Writing is a journey and each story is a different journey that takes me out of my comfort zone of anonymity and makes me feel alive.


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