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Winter is Winding Down

My daughter, Jordyn, shoveling snow

My daughter, Jordyn, shoveling snow

This has been the view outside our window all too often this winter. I’ve lived in Indiana all of my life and have never experienced anything like this season. Normally we get one or two large blasts of winter storms and then call it an end. This year we have had those winter storm blasts almost on a weekly occurrence. We have broken weather records in total snow accumulation, frigid air temperatures, and wind strengths that have stood for close to or over a hundred years. Just a few days ago, I was driving home in blinding blowing snow and watched the sky light up numerous times with lightening. I’ve heard of “thunder snow” before, but it is awesome to experience the ferocity of nature.

To put it mildly, we are all weary of the weather and ready for Spring, which, according to the calendar, is only a few days away. But as I look back over everything we experienced, I can’t help but feel proud and blessed because we conquered every challenge nature threw at us. Our home remained warm and cozy. Our vehicles, though we did get stuck a few times, always got us to our destination, safely, one way or another. I don’t mean to sound ridiculous, but lets face it, the Great Lakes area has faced a colder winter than Alaska thanks to the arctic circle pushing down over our area. This is definitely a winter we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Now, as the warm air pushes through and the snow quickly melts, leaving the ground and roadways wet and muddy, we look forward to seeing the world awaken from its winter slumber like a present slowly unwrapping. I can’t wait for the warm evenings when I can sit under the stars and watch the moon slowly meander across the sky. I want to open my windows, put the top down on my car, and soak up the clean fresh air. Normally, half way through March, Spring has already begun for us. It will take a little longer before the remnants of the cold air finally push through this year, but it’s coming and we are all eagerly waiting for it. This will be the first year I can remember where we can paint the snow green for “St. Patricks Day”!


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