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# Showcase

# Showcase for Authors and ReadersUniting Authors and Readers with #’s

Most of us who use Twitter are familiar with using #’s.  If not, I’ll give you a quick rundown. When you post something on Twitter that has a common topic of interest to others, you include a “#” in front of the key word. Your post will then be included with all the other posts that include that particular “#”. You can then search for that topic (ex. #AuthorPage) and a whole stream of posts of that topic will result.  It is a very useful tool for reaching and meeting new people on twitter.

Did you know Facebook is now utilizing the # search as well?

This opens a whole new avenue of connections for Authors and Readers to meet. A simple search in the Facebook search box using a # will give you a list of every post that includes the topic you are searching for. Let’s face it, Authors and Readers are struggling to navigate their way through the constant influx of new material being published every day. But we can make things much easier by utilizing free tools already available to us all.

Introducing “# Showcase” for Authors and Readers

Authors – Showcase your various pages and profiles on the appointed day of the week. You will be included in lists that will be seen by people wold-wide.

Readers – Are you tired of not being able to find a good book to read because all you hear about is the latest blockbusters.  With the “# Showcase”, you can now find a directory of current Authors and Books straight from your Twitter and Facebook profiles.  Simply search for the day’s appointed # and you will find a wealth of current authors and books from a wide variety of genres.

Help us spread the word and make these lists as amazing as they can possible be. For more information, visit You will also find links that will take you directly to the lists for each day.



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Remember Me?

file0001597083839“Exciting introductions may open doors, but it takes gentle consistencies to keep them open.”

Being a writer requires much more than writing compelling stories. In fact, writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing your book is only the beginning of a long process in order to get your book into the hands of readers. You have to market your book, and marketing is one of the most difficult processes you will ever experience.

Too much marketing will push people away. Too little marketing will get you no where. Most people start off with a big explosion of marketing campaigns, and then they simply fizzle out. The truth is, most books, especially from new authors, take a while to get noticed. Statistics say that most books will sell the most quantity within the first few months of publication. But I honestly believe that is a result of the marketing fizzle effect and the practices based on traditional publishing.

As an Indy Author, you are not limited by a contract or a timeline created by a publishing house. You are the maker of your success. Don’t allow your success to fall to the wayside by not continuing good marketing practices.  For every door you open, you must work to keep them open.  You do that by consistent, timely, gentle reminders.

Tweet and post on your Facebook and/or Google+ pages at least a few times a week; daily if possible.  Blog about interesting topics that draw new audiences. Share your accomplishments, awards, special mentions, interviews, events, and anything else that shows your fan base that you are still here. You need to make yourself a figure in their life, that they not only relate to, but are excited to share you and your work with their friends.  Yes, you may be selling books, but it is your mind that created the books and people want to know the mind behind the work.

Engagement is the key. With that being said, make sure you offer your fans as many ways to engage with you as you possibly can. Place social site share buttons on the important pages of your website and blog. Fans love to have that “special personal moment”, so be sure to have a way they can contact you directly through email or a snail mail address (preferably a P.O. Box to assure your privacy).  Then encourage them to use the various ways of engagement. You would be surprised how many people see all of these share buttons, but really don’t understand what they are all about or how much it helps you. Remember, “Ask and you shall receive”.  Don’t ever assume people know what to do. It’s like expecting people to read your mind.

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Awesome Marketing Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet LunaMetrics

Brought to you by the LunaMetrics blog.

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