What If?

05 Feb

worldThis is perhaps my most favorite question in the world. There is nothing that can inspire a story more than the two simple words, “what if”. Just imagine what all has come to be in this world, simply because someone had the curiosity to ask themselves, “what if?” They are the spark that sets the flame of imagination aglow, that sends your mind into new worlds, new lives, new discoveries, or possibly even solutions that could solve age old dilemmas. For some of us, it is that initial turn of the gear that sets our mind to spinning and turns into an obsession until we find our answer to that seemingly unambiguous question. It is most often from meager beginnings that great and wondrous things first take flight.

What would this world be like if we all had the courage to follow through with our “what if” curiosities? How many of us would find our true passions come to life? Just imagine; that “what if” question could be the nudge from God that you have been praying for. God could be speaking to you right now, attempting to guide you in the direction of the purpose you were born for. All too often, our doubts, insecurities, and fears prevent us from pursuing the very thing that would bring us true satisfaction in life. Following our true passion requires nothing more than complete, unadulterated, honesty and transparency to ourselves. One must be able to break down all the barriers that prevent them from finding the courage to take each step and overcome every barrier that is to come.Yet, you will find, that when you are following your passion, each and every minute success feels greater, so much more fulfilling, than any other achievement you have ever accomplished. Everything that drives you each and every day is no longer based upon satisfying someone else’s needs or desires. You are fulfilling your heart’s desire.

It is so easy to lose yourself in this world, beneath all of responsibilities that seem to mount up by the minute. We all need that something special, that is so important to us, none of that garbage can weigh us down. That is what writing does for me. Writing forces me to recognize that I am so much more than what all the negativity in this world would have me believe. For every book that I write, the platform in which my feet are solidly placed, rises higher and higher, out of the filth of this earth’s bowels.

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