It’s Elemental, And You Need Them All

14 Oct

I Want To Be A Writer Series

A good book must have a smooth progressive flow.

Have you ever listened to someone tell a story and get so excited that they start forgetting details and have to constantly backtrack only to find yourself completely lost by the time the story ends?

Have you ever listened to someone tell you a story and get so specific with names and details of things you don’t understand nor need to understand that you pretty much tune out because you just want them to get to the point?

Have you ever listened to someone try to explain a relationship of someone’s cousin’s, brother’s, best friend’s, girlfriends, mother’s, aunt’s, father?

There are certain elements that are required to tell a good story. Without them, the story isn’t worth telling. Too many of them and the story gets lost in monotony. You want to captivate your readers from the moment they read the first line all the way to the very last word. You want them so invested that they cannot bring themselves to put the book down because they have to know what happens next. You want them to feel like the characters are real and the situations they find themselves in are so believable that the reader feels like they are actually experiencing it along with them.

Storytellers have always been among the most respected people from the dawn of mankind. They were the historians and educators long before writing was invented. It was their ability to share their knowledge with others that allowed humans to know their past, understand their present, and see their way into the future. Stories are what gave purpose to long standing conflicts that humans passed down generation to generation and instilled pride or shame of their heritage.  They held the power to create an uprising or bring peace to a troubled populace.  It is because of these great storytellers of the past that our world has become what it is now; right, wrong, or indifferent, they held the power of the knowledge that was passed on to the future.  But in order to hold that power they had to understand the elements of a good story that are like ingredients of a magic potion.  If they couldn’t captivate their audience then the information they were sharing was useless because no one was listening.

By writing a book you are entering a guild as old as humankind and you have a responsibility to learn the craft. For some, the art of storytelling comes easy and natural. Some require guidelines to help guide them through the process to assure they are staying on track. Everyone is different, but every story, like that magic potion, requires the exact ingredients to make it work properly.

CR Rowe has written a great blog series that focuses on these elements. Take some time and absorb this information because it will help you know if your story is on track or not. I can’t tell you how many times I have started writing and lost my way because I didn’t make sure I had these elements already present in my mind as a road map for my story. You may not always know what the ending of your book is going to be, but you still need to pave the way to get to it.

Dreams of Alchemy- CR Rowe Writer: The Heart of Story- new blog series

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  1. Stephanie Laws

    October 16, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    The link to Part 2 apparently didn’t attach correctly. I have fixed that now. 🙂


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