Getting Noticed – Part 5

02 Oct

If you haven’t ascertained by now, being an author is a lot of work.  It is not something magical that happens over night and you become an instant success.  Granted, there are a few that have found that magic, but they are so few and far between that we need to focus on reality.  I’m going to assume you are reading this now because you want to be a career author, not someone that is in this just as a hobby.  Most authors have to have another job to pay the bills to supplement what their writing does not cover.  But if you look at any business, it takes time and investment and that is what you are doing now.  You are investing your time to get your name out there.  I don’t care what anyone says, time is more valuable than money.  You can find a twenty dollar bill on the ground but you can never truly find time.  It is here now so take advantage of it the best you can.

Most importantly, don’t waste the time of your potential fans.  Always remember that for every page view you receive, on whatever site it is, they are investing their time in you.

So how do you make the best of your time while putting yourself out there in every avenue possible?  It takes organizing and planning and this is when your website works for you.  Remember how I talked about the importance of the design of your website and choosing colors that best represent you?  Well let’s think about how much time you spend on every social media site out there.  How much time have you taken trying to personalize each one of those sites to make yourself stand out and look interesting?

Well this is when “Branding Yourself” comes into play.  Every product out there has a specific look and a logo that makes it stand out and memorable.  Some companies go so far as to create unique colors that have to be an exact match to fit their brand. Anything that carries their logo must match their specifications.  Well it may sound a little obsessive or over the top for what we are dealing with, but it really does serve a purpose that will save you a tremendous amount of time in the long run and make you stand out above the crowd.

Just imagine how easy it would be if you already had a signature background picture, font colors, banner, and basic information that you can simply apply to everything you a member of.  When you apply them to every profile page you are branding yourself with those colors and images.  When people see your profile they associate those things to you.  Those colors and images represent you just as much as the profile picture of yourself.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trying to make every profile on every site stand out only to realize that I’ve been wasting time branding myself differently all over the place.  It sort of makes you look like you have Multiple Personality Disorder.  It confuses people.  They want to get to know you but they have a hard time getting to know which site best represents you.

So I’m going to leave this post by giving you some homework.  Take some time and find the look that best represents what you want to relay to your fans then take that look and apply it to everything you possibly can. Before you know, you will have a professional brand that is going to set you apart from everyone else and people are going to remember you.

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