Publish in Print or Ebook, or Both?

01 Sep

That is a question that many new authors are facing these days.  I fully planned on only going the ebook route but decided to try out the Create A Space program through Amazon and I have to say I am thoroughly pleased that I did.  Not only was the process extremely easy but I actually get to enjoy having physical proof of all of my hard work.  If you are serious about your work and are dedicated to getting your book into the hands of readers then I would highly recommend going this route.  Many readers, myself included, prefer to hold an actual book in their hands rather than reading something on a screen.  There are simply too many “ebooks” on the market right now and the process of publishing an ebook is so simple that anyone can publish one whether it’s worth reading or not.

While having your book printed is just as easy, it does require you to put your own investment into your work in order to get it out to the physical markets rather than just the online markets.  Personally, I feel that if you are not willing to invest in your own book, then why should others?  Everyone likes to get things for free, but you always have to remember that the expectations of anything given free are going to be much lower than something that takes a small sacrifice to make possible. Therefore the possibility of someone taking your work seriously is going to be much lower and might even hamper your future success in writing.  Even if your readers pay a small price to purchase your ebooks, it doesn’t mean the book will be taken seriously.

I always read reviews before purchasing a book.  One of the most common things I have run across in reviews for ebooks is that the reviews are based on the cost of the book rather than the integrity of the writing.  There are horrible books that are given a five star rating simply because they’re at least a cheap pastime.  It’s almost as if the people are going through an elementary school art display and only rating the work against the other work’s displayed.  It’s a rat race and you can easily fall into the trap if you’re not careful.  If you have gone through the effort of writing a book and plan on continuing writing then you cannot afford to allow your work to fall into the pit of all these other hobby books that no one takes seriously.

Even the lucky ones that get a contract through a publishing company have to invest in getting the word out about their books out their own pockets.  We’ve all heard the “miracle” stories where people write their first book and become millionaires without investing a single dime.  Well we have to be realistic.  Everyone would love for that to happen but the chances are slim to none and you might as well invest your time in the world of reality rather than seeing your dream go to waste.

It’s great to have dreams, I’m making one of mine come true now.  Is it the miracle dream I had hoped for?  Well I won’t know until I live all the other little dreams that make the big dream possible.


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2 responses to “Publish in Print or Ebook, or Both?

  1. jdhoward

    September 1, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    It’s nice to hear an honest viewpoint from someone who ponders the same dilemma as oneself. Until recently, I never even considered an ebook (and I don’t know what CreateASpace is), believing the traditional route was the method that would validate my work as worthy for readers. I really liked your last sentence in the second-to-the-last paragraph.

    • Stephanie Laws

      September 1, 2012 at 11:47 pm

      Hello and thanks for the comment. Create A Space is a program through Amazon. It’s a POD program but they also place the book on Amazon to sell. It’s a great program and you also have the option of putting your book in ebook format.

      As a new writer with no experience behind me to tout on queries for agents it makes it difficult to get anyone interested in your work. Everyone wants proof of that you can sell books. So you have to be willing to put the work out to prove it. It sounds crazy but that’s what the publishing world is coming to.

      Good luck with your book and I look forward to hearing your progress!


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