My New Favorite Editing Process

16 Aug

We’ve all heard the phrase, “edit, edit, then edit some more.”  I’m in that process now with my first book in my series.  I thought I had it completed and put it in digital format to make sure all my formatting was correct.  It was so exciting to hold my own book in my hand even if it isn’t an actual paper book.  As I started reading it on my IPhone I noticed a few little things here and there that caused slight hick-ups in my narrative flow.  I never noticed them before.  There was something about having small sections to focus on that really made them pop out.  I was also able to see the components that simply did not work properly formatting wise.

Editing your book can be very time consuming work but having your book on one device and being able to correct your mistakes on your computer makes things incredibly easy.  You don’t have to go through the expense of ink and paper by printing it out.  All you need to do is format your book according to the standard ebook guidelines that are easily found with a simple web search.  Save your word document in HTML format then use the free program Calibre to convert it to the format you want.  EPUB is the most popular and MOBI is the format for Kindle.  EPUB formatted books can easily be added to your ITunes library and read using the IBooks app.  If you don’t own a Kindle or Nook you can download free apps for your computer to read the books to test them out as well from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I only wish I tried this four editing process ago.

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