The Editing Fantasy

26 Jul

Oh how I wish you could edit your life the way you edit your writing.  Can you imagine all the things in your life you would give anything to simply wipe away from existence? Just imagine!  No more funky looking ex’s.  No more taste of the foot in your mouth.  No more blushing when a co-worker looks at you from the corner of their eye after your embarrassing breach of methane on the ride up the elevator.  No more eggs you shouldn’t have consumed this morning.  It could go on and on.  Can you imagine what it would be like to go to bed and not have a single embarrassing moment to keep you awake at night?

Even better, what if you could take the wasted moments of your life and enhance them to moments of pure brilliance.  Instead of watching that man stumble over the curb this morning you ran to his aide and caught his briefcase just in the nick of time preventing it from shattering it’s contents to the winds.  Instead of standing there speechless when someone confronts you, a speech flows from your mouth worthy of a Noble Prize for peace keeping that rattles the senses and forces people to contemplate on their own reactions to conflicts.  Oh who am I kidding?  Do I want to be some Spandex wearing super hero?  No, I prefer to wear something that doesn’t force me to endure a constant wedgie.

The truth of the matter is, my mistakes are just as much a part of who I am as much as anything else.  I have to remember that when I edit my writing.  It’s easy to remove the parts that shine an unfavorable light on your precious character rather then removing a part that glorifies them.  Humans are not perfect and if you really want a character that people can relate to then they have to be able to feel the underlying conflicts that make the character who they are.  Accomplishments are great, but people want to know the real person behind all those accomplishments.  So I have to constantly keep in mind that although flowers are pretty and smell nice, you still need the dirt or you have no foundation for all that beauty.

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